To safeguard the environment in which we operate, Baffinland employs a balance of scientific and Inuit knowledge known as Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ).

Committed to Preserving the Natural Environment

Through extensive consultation, environmental engineering, and environmental monitoring, potential impacts from our activities are either avoided or minimized. We conduct a number of programs related to archaeology, water management, wildlife, and marine environment. These programs are designed to monitor and ensure the protection of the environment. Baffinland educates and empowers our employees at both our mine and port sites to be respectful towards the environment and implement environmental best practices. Click here to learn more about our shipping and monitoring programs.


We’ve conducted extensive archaeological surveys and research as part of the Mary River Project. All work is approved and reviewed by the Inuit Heritage Trust and Government of Nunavut and numerous discoveries have proved to be valuable additions to the historic knowledge base of the North Baffin Region.

Water Management

Water monitoring and regulatory compliance is a critical component of our environmental efforts. Working alongside government officials and local communities, our monitoring efforts focus on minimum effects to water bodies and adherence to all federal and territorial requirements.


Baffinland conducts research on numerous species of wildlife. We monitor their environment to ensure that these species are not adversely impacted by our operations. Our results are shared and reviewed by both marine and terrestrial environment working groups to ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to comment on the work we conduct.