NIRB Recommendation on 6.0Mt Permit for 2022

Iqaluit, NU [September 22, 2022] - Earlier today, the Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) issued its report which recommended the extension of our 6.0Mt permit for the remainder of 2022.

While we had anticipated this recommendation, based on our years of providing in-depth studies, detailed scientific analysis and extensive consultations, we are nevertheless pleased to take this important next step in the process.

The NIRB recommendation clearly recognizes the importance of Baffinland to the Nunavut economy and allowing the company to continue producing will preserve hundreds of high paying jobs.

Baffinland is committed to responsible operation and believes we can continue to operate in a manner that protects the environment while creating economic prosperity for the territory. We now urge the federal government to follow the NIRB recommendation and permit the Company to continue to operate at current levels.

Out of care and concern for the livelihoods of our employees and their families, we are delaying the issuance of termination notices until October 20th, which is the outside date the Minister’s office has indicated it will be able to respond to the NIRB recommendation.

We have expressed our hope to the minister that he provide his final decision on our 6.0Mt permit for 2022 long before that deadline.

For more information contact:

Peter Akman | Head of Stakeholder Relations & Communications
C: +1 289 834 0744