Baffinland celebrates Nunavut Day with visit from special guest from QIA, country food feast, and more

July 13, 2017

On Sunday, July 9, Baffinland celebrated Nunavut Day at its Mine and Port sites. Led by our management team, including our CEO Brian Penney, Baffinland hosted special guest Levi Barnabas, Qikiqtani Inuit Association (QIA) community director for Arctic Bay and QIA representative for the Joint Executive Committee for Baffinland and QIA.

Figure 1

The celebrations included a presentation to Baffinland employees on the history of Nunavut, the origins of Nunavut Day, as well as Baffinland’s continued commitment to work with its partners to increase Inuit employment and training. The celebrations also included traditional Inuit games organized by our site elder, a country food feast, and screenings of documentaries on Nunavut in our theatre rooms.Baffinland is proud to celebrate Nunavut Day, and thanks all our Inuit employees for their contributions to our organization.