Jan.04.2013. NIRB issues Mary River Project Certificate

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On December 28, 2012, NIRB (the Nunavut Impact Review Board) issued a project certificate to Baffinland for the Mary River iron project. Elizabeth Copland, the review board’s chairperson, said that, The NIRB looks forward to working with Baffinland and all parties to ensure that the Project Certificate is fully implemented and achieves the identified objectives.” The certificate followed a two-day workshop that NIRB held in Iqaluit Dec. 18 and Dec. 19. Copland also said that the NIRB’s role now is to monitor the project to ensure compliance with the stated terms and conditions. To that end, the board will appoint monitoring officers to do that work. “The NIRB’s Monitoring Officers will serve as the lead contact for the NIRB on any project-specific coordination with other agencies as may be required,” Copland’s letter said. This certificate formally closes the Environmental Impact Assessment process.  NIRB technical staff will work with the Nunavut Water Board on the water license process, which will lead to the issuance of a Class A water license for the Mary River Project.